Mobilize and install necessary barricades to identify and isolate the working areas, a day prior to unit shut down Disconnect and reconnect all instruments that are installed at, or attached to the equipment covered in work scope under Client instruction and/or supervision. Secure those instruments removed from the equipment and the connection cables in tamper proof status, and keep them protected from any damage that might occur due to accidental stepping over by technicians working in the area. Provide low voltage drop lights ( 24Volts ) and good ventilation for inspection and repair works performed inside any confined area such as furnace, vessels, drums, ducts, tunnels and pipe lines for the whole duration of the work in those respective areas. (The lighting illumination is not less than 200 Lux at any given location inside the Confined space and ventilation shall be enough to provide safe working condition required as per Client). Erection of necessary scaffolding, working platforms, ladders to perform all works covered by scope of work. All scaffoldings are inspected by our Safety Engineer and Safety Inspection Tags are placed on easily seen location). Rig, lift and transport the plant equipment and tools and provide necessary Chain block, Crane, Fork lift, Trailer with operator as found necessary for completing the scope of work. Removing the refractory, insulation and cladding as a part of the work, as found necessary, store them in good condition during the work and reinstall them after the work is completed. Replace/reinstall refractory, insulation and cladding for flange joints, manhole doors, valve bonnets, furnace casing and water walls only after completion of hydro-test or after unit start up and hot tightening as per instructions from Client. Repair or replace all insulation and aluminum cladding damaged during the shutdown period. Keeping rock wool and other insulation materials wrapped or covered with good protection and prevent it from littering the WORK areas. Submit new oil/grease provided by Client for sample analysis to Client Laboratory and affix laboratory certificates on all containers/drums. Use laboratory certified oil/grease only for all requirements. Keep this oil/grease always in closed drums/containers, protected from dust, condensation and other contamination. Collect all old oil/grease in Client supplied drums/containers and dispose them as per instructions from Client Representative. Use lint free cloth only for cleaning all components in lube oil system of all the equipment and for cleaning during PT check requirement covered under scope of work. Perform Pre- heat / Post-Heat for welding requirement and for hardening / tempering / annealing requirement for components. Use new gaskets and gland packing supplied by Client. (lf cut gaskets are not available, we prepare new gasket from Client supplied gasket sheet material). Provide and use anti-seize compound approved by Client Representative on all threads for reassembly. Apply touch up painting for all equipment covered under work scope. Clean dust and stains from external surfaces of all equipment covered under work scope. Maintain good housekeeping in the work area at all times during whole duration of the Work. Clear all waste material from work area on a daily basis and dispose it in the dump yard outside the plant area identified by Client Representative. Rig and transport the equipment covered under scope of work for repair and/or overhauling requirement to and from our workshop outside our site. Rig and transport the equipment covered under scope of work, in the event ofa necessity to repair or rectify the defects noted either during start up or during the warranty period. Rig and transport all High Voltage Motors covered under scope of work, to and from workshops identified by Client Representative. Protect and safeguard Client equipment from damage while equipment is under the custody and/or in transit. In the event of any damage to equipment while under the custody and/or in transit, we are responsible to repair of all such damages at no cost to Client. Perform Testing, Inspection, Major overhaul and Minor repair work of Boilers & its auxi|iaries,Turbine & its auxiliaries. Pumps. Motors, Field Instruments and stationary equipments during Major! Minor Shutdown in accordance with scope of work and technical specifications under Lump Sum Price. Provide assistance to the client to perform additional inspection & repair work requirement as per as�found inspection! evaluations during Minor and Major T&| and becomes necessary to restore the equipment to its original and reliable service conditions under Lump Sum Price. Perform general Maintenance of Battery bank system, Plant Lighting system, Cathodic Protection system, Temperature elements & Temperature Indicators, Pressure & Pressure Differential Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Local Controllers, Local Pressure Gauges, &Touch up paintings during Non T&l period, under Lump Sum Price. Perform overhauling of General Service Equipments e.g. Forced Draft Fan, Gas Recirculation Fan, Boiler Circulation Pumps, Boiler Feed Pump, Condensate Extraction Pump, Condensate Air Extraction Pumps, Cooling Water Pump, Motors and other miscellaneous equipments during non Testing & Inspection periods under Lump Sum and Unit Rate Price. Perform work for any or all equipment`s in accordance with scope ofwork andTechnica| Specifications during Testing & Inspections and non�Testing 84 Inspections periods under Lump Sum and Unit Rate Price.